How You Can Help

"One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others." - Lewis Carroll

We most welcome and appreciate the generous contributions that you or your company/orgnization are able to make, allowing us to expand services to more blind people with better results, while continuing to keep our charges to little or nothing to most students. World Access for the Blind is a nonprofit charity, which relies on generous contributions to facilitate self-directed achievement for blind people throughout the world by developing and mobilizing cutting edge approaches. By always placing our students first, and holding the utmost respect for their freedom and achievement capacity, we have garnered warm regards and enthusiastic interest world wide.

Whether you wish to donate to support our programs for students or would like to volunteer your time, there are many opportunities for you to support our organization and the students we serve. Your kind support will allow us to provide the necessary services for blind people that will facilitate true independence and freedom to achieve. Here's how you can help.

Monetary Donations are Gratefully Welcome

We're Pleased to Serve
Here, we warmly welcome any amount in any form, whether online, check, or automatic monthly. We share our services and information with students and clients with little or no charge under most circumstances, with the understanding that, without generous support from partners like you, we couldn't go anywhere to do anything with anyone.

Hold a Fundraiser

Funds for Fun Program
We have many fun and easy ideas that you can use to raise funds for World Access for the Blind. We can even help you with planning, materials, and connections. Whether you're a family, church, school, artist, or anyone wanting to pay it forward, we'd love to work with you. Great activities for kids. Many of our clients raise funds for themselves and for others who come after them. We invite you to join the party.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Exchange Program
We have several opportunities for mutually rewarding partnerships and exchanges with companies and organizations. Take advantage of our press, challenge your employees to greater achievement, Join us in community outreach, and so much more.

Help Us Hold An Event for Your Community

Lift the Limits
With your support, our blind presenters can bring something very special and memorable to your school, church, company, or community by holding a presentation or staging an event. These can take any form from a simple inspiring and edifying seminar to an earth shattering no limits event. From the blind we can all learn to recognize our own form of blindness, and to see beyond its limits to life's greater luster.


Serving in Kind
Whether you are a techie, a writer, drive a car, want to be a reader, have a professional skill, or just want to help, there is an important role for you at World Access for the Blind to make a real difference in the lives of blind people. Professional services are tax deductible.

Help Us by Doing Nothing - really!

Serving by Shopping
Here's a small way you can make a huge difference. . One of our staff raised $145 in only one month just by shopping online through charitable websites such as these.

Give Back America


Support us just by searching the web!


GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Through Good Search every time you search for anything at all, we receive a donation at no cost to you. These websites link to online stores such as Amazon, Kmart, Sears, Best Buy, and all kinds of other vendors for almost every need. When you shop through either of these websites, a goodly percentage of your online purchases gets donated to World Access for the Blind with no extra cost to you, and no overhead for us. It really adds up for us fast, and both websites allow you to track how much is donated to us. Plus, it's kind of cool to have all the shops in one place.

Loans for Life

We have teamed up with two loan companies who have offered to donate a generous percentage of the origination fee to World Access for the Blind by your request.


Learn how easy it is to donate to us with Loans4Love.
Loans4Love - Community Outreach Lending is a division of American Financial Network and the most socially responsible mortgage banking firm in the nation. Our partnership with them centers on their groundbreaking Loans4Love program, where the art of lending meets the heart of giving. When a prospective homeowner chooses to refinance or purchase a new home with Community Outreach Lending, the Loans4Love program will generously donate 25% of the origination fee to a cause that is near and dear to the borrower's heart, like World Access for the Blind.
Thomas Montes

He will donate 10-20% of his commissions to World Access for the Blind if you mention us. You can contact him at:

Vehicle Donation Program

Action Donation Services
No longer need that vehicle? Why not donate it to World Access for the Blind! Please Donate that
Auto, Boat, Yacht, Truck or RV that's no longer needed and receive the maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment. For more information about car, boat, RV and other property donations or to receive a "no obligation" evaluation of your potential vehicle or other property donation Click Here ... or please call toll free: (866) 2-GIVING or (866) 244-8464. We pick up anywhere in the U.S.A.