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"Never forget that a small group of thoughtful commited citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead.

As of 2014, World Access for the Blind has helped over 10,000 blind people, their families, their instructors, and members of their communities in nearly 40 countries worldwide by delivering Mobility and FlashSonar workshops, public awareness events, and Perceptual-Navigation Therapy. By our new and unique approach, blind people can quickly find unprecedented freedom from dependency, passivity, and indignity. See how we apply cutting edge science to teach blind people to see in new ways by training the brain to gain detailed images of the world through sound and touch - like lighting a match in the dark. See how our young blind kids become more confident and active; parents more savvy and effective; and blind adults more self-sufficient. See how blindness professionals gratefully become more knowledgeable with higher standards. The enormous and rapid gains made by most of our students toward self-direction and freedom has earned the broad acclaim of professionals and educators, as well as the research interests of scholars and scientists across many disciplines. See how the spectacular achievements of our students has inspired prolific international media recognition, launching a positive image of blindness before the public eye. Through your generous support, we can continue to help blind children and adults globally to improve quality of life for themselves and others, to challenge poverty and social isolation, and to realize their dreams. Your Donations will support World Access for the Blind to help our blind students in these ways:

Perceptual-Navigation Programs for Blind People

– Our Perceptual-Navigation Therapists, who are blind themselves, provide navigation Training and FlashSonar Instruction to over 10,000 blind students, family members, and blindness educators in Southern California and around the world every year. In many regions, mobility instruction for blind people is almost nonexistent, leaving blind people tragically immobile, isolated, and dependent. The real tragedy is that this is entirely unnecessary. With your support we are able to change this quickly and efficiently by providing them the education and training they need to lead fulfilling and enriched lives. See what our students say about their own achievements.

Participation in Community Programs and Recreation

– Most blind people are denied interactions with their peers through participation in casual recreation and community programs. Such participation extends the same opportunities and benefits to blind people that their sighted peers enjoy - to access their community and make friends, to build confidence and independence, and to become active and healthy citizens. We have found that blind people can participate and contribute effectively in a wide range of activities from ball sports to hiking to mountain biking and more. With your support we can continue to organize recreation clinics and facilitate participation in community programs so that blind people can establish a respectable standing in their community along side their sighted peers. See our sports and recreation programs in action.


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