Guiding Philosophy

World Access for the Blind supports the idea that blindness is not as disabling as is commonly believed. Barriers to functioning associated with blindness arise more from unproductive interaction between blind people and society than from intrinsic deficiency. We characterize blindness as a condition of life style and challenge requiring a strong capacity to adapt. Blindness need not deny access to all the experiences and opportunities of the WORLD. In this spirit we proceed with two convictions:


While everyone faces limits, we assert that limits should not be imposed or presumed upon anyone. We all, blind or not, should enjoy the freedom and strength of character to seek and discover our own limits and strengths.


Blind people possess the same needs as everyone else - to be free from undue restriction, to be capable and competent, to know a sense of camaraderie and belonging to the world, and to respect themselves and draw the respect of others. They hold the same ambitions and dreams as others, and are nourished by the same hope and assurance that they can achieve these aspirations. Blind people can achieve the same quality of life as sighted people when they gain the same freedom to access the world as sighted people.

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