Honors, Awards, and Distinctions

"light does not come from without. Light is in us, even if we have no eyes." - Jacques Lusseyran

Daniel Kish: Top Ten TED Talks for 2015

TED: Truth and Dare, Vancouver - March, 2015

Daniel Kish Delivers a warmly stirring and personal perspective on his own life, blindness, and helping others to navigate their challenges. He is listed as one of the top ten talks from the TED2015 main stage, and featured in TED's online Ideas Magazine.
"THANK YOU. you were wonderful! You've got an amazingly compelling way of speaking -- curiosity and intelligence and interest oozing out of every phrase that you utter. It's so listenable to! You talk as if you're alive and thinking through every word, and I absolutely love that!" - Chris Anderson

Daniel Kish Voted Talk of the Day at PopTech

October, 2011

Daniel Delivers a genuinely personal perspective on his own life, blindness, and helping others to claim their freedom. He was fortunate to be voted Talk of the Day. A special video clip was produced about our work, and a story was filmed and written for CNN, which was subsequently aired on Sanjay Gupta's show.
"THANK YOU, again, for your participation in PopTech this year. I heard nothing but great things about your talk" - Andrew Zolli, CEO and Head Curator

The New Age of Exploration: Modern Risk Takers

National Geographic Magazine - July, 2013

Daniel Kish is among a handful of modern explorers showcased to comemborate 125 years of National Geographic. This article and video is about Daniel's work through World Access for the Blind. "The 21st-Century explorer can make good use of the latest technology; can communicate from almost anywhere on Earth, even atop Mount Everest; ... explorers of today are in many ways just like their foremothers and forefathers. They put their physical selves in jeopardy, ... If their mission is not popular in scientific circles, they may face the criticism of colleagues. And sometimes they must dig deep into their own pockets just to keep on going. ... explorers who press the limits."

Bat Navigation Inspires Charity's Method to Aid the Blind

Chronical of Philanthropy - October 2, 2011
By Caroline Bermudez

"World Access for the Blind uses unconventional methods to help people walk, bike, hike, and play without relying on anyone else."


Pierre Dussault, coaching - January 3, 2016
by Pierre Dussault, CPCC, ACC, Certified Personal, leadership and management Coach

" In this article I will introduce you to some amazing people who left me in awe in 2015 and discuss the human qualities that they embody. We all possess these qualities, and should aim to develop and utilize them more in our lives."
"Daniel embodies the qualities of adaptation, particularly the adaptive powers of the human brain. Daniel Kish is an example that humans can adapt and succeed, whatever their condition."

Impossible: The Manifesto

By Joel Runyon

A challenge to push your limits, live a life worth writing about and do the impossible - a challenge to stop waiting around for life to happen and do something. Daniel Kish's story is one of three stories featured in this most intriguing and inspiring call to personal action. "Daniel didn’t want to live life like everyone told him he should – staying at home, memorizing a few notable routes and relying on people with vision to help him with anything more than the basic tasks of life. Daniel decided he wanted a different life. He wanted to be independent – as independent as any person who could see.

MBA RIDERS WHO INSPIRE: An unlikely mountain bike leader

March, 2009
By John Ker

Brian Bushway was selected for this special feature as one of MBA's most inspiring riders.

Long Beach Man Advocates for Blind Empowerment

KTLA Heroes at Home - September, 2011
by Megan Henderson

"Daniel Kish, President of World Access for the Blind, leads blind hikes and other empowerment workshops." Includes interview with Adam Shaible, one of our Perceptual Mobility Instructors.

50 Visionaries Who Are Changing the World: Daniel Kish

UTNE Reader's 2009 Visionaries List - November, 2009

Daniel Kish has been included in UTNE Reader's 2009 list of 50 Visionaries that are Changing the World for his work through World Access for the Blind.

Guinness World Records: Juan Ruiz

TV Italy - April, 2011

By invitation of Guinness Italy, Juan, who is totally blind, sets the world record for blind bicycling through a random obstacle course using only FlashSonar. This is a clip of the original segment as it aired in Italy in which he gave an inspiring speech that made the audience cry. Juan has since broken his own record, also by invitation of Guinness Turkey.

Seeing with Sound

Current TV - October, 2006
By donnie eichar

This film about Ben Underwood and Daniel Kish also features our work with a blind student, Adam Shaible. This film has won "#1 film of 2006" on the current tv network, the prestigious silver telly award, and the platinum remy award at the worldfest houston film festival.

The 20 Best Reads of 2011

Readers Digest

"From magazines, newspapers and the Internet, the most unforgettable articles that crossed our editors' desks all year." The Blind Nam Who Taught Himself to See from Men's Journal, is voted 6th best read of 2011. This same article is also included among the "Best of Men's Journal" collections.

Real Super Powers: 5 Real-Life People With Superhuman Skills

Readers Digest
By Beth Dreher

Daniel Kish is selected among five people for an illustration of his skills. "You won't believe the superpowered feats these real men and women have pulled off."

Raise the Soul to Flame

From A Sense of the World - 2006
By Jason Roberts

This is Daniel Kish. I want to express personally my deep honour and appreciation to be considered as approaching a league of such distinguished gentlemen as are portrayed in this, the final Chapter of A Sense of the World - National Federation of the Blind's President, Kenneth Jernigan, poet Jorge Luis Borges, and, of course, the peerless and timeless James Holman himself. Here are offered some exerpts from this closing chapter, as well as more information about this warm and erudite account.

inspirational and motivational people — Will To Know

My Heroes: Aspire To Inspire - March 1, 2011
by Joy Mystic

Daniel Kish is named among a handful of illustrious blind figures including Ben Underwood (teenager who lived an extraordinary life and touched the lives of millions across the globe), Erik Weihenmayer (Climbed all seven summits and founded No Barriers), Helen Keller (needing no introduction), and Sabriye Tenberken (co-founder of Braille without Borders). "Many times you and I will stumble upon an article, video clip, ... or just hear about an inspiring person. Someone who defied the odds, ... or accomplished a feat that went far and beyond their perceived physical, psychological, or mental expectations. They charge us with vigor and enthusiasm to reach a new frontier with ourselves. ... This page is for me and you to find them when we need that jolt of inspiration and motivation and to awaken that marvelous being within us. ... read or watch why they are true heroes. Enjoy!"

Meet Brian Bushway

Round Pizza In A Square Box - 2013
by Amitabh Singh

Amitabh Singh is an international author and speaker who raises awareness and support for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. "I have dedicated Round Pizza in a Square Box to three individuals who have inspired me to live and think differently." Tells Brian's story, and how he learned to see through FlashSonar.

Seeing with Sound: Using echolocation, the visually impaired get in the game.

Exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, YOU! The Experience - October, 2009

This short but impactful video showcases a blind teenager named Sebastion learning FlashSonar from Daniel Kish and Brian Bushway. It is part of the first display on echolocation science known to be exhibited in a science museum. We are told that it is one of their most popular exhibits.

Sebastion: Seeing with Sound

Katie Valovcin, Dan Duran, Kellie Henika - 2012

A full length documentary featuring Sebastion telling his story about our work with him. This spectacular documentary has won the following film awards:
Official Selection DOCUTAH Film Festival 2012
Winner of "Best Student Documentary" at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival 2012
Winner of 2012 International Student Documentary Competition: Best of Category -
My Story
Winner of "Special Jury Recognition" at Thin Thin Film Festival 2013 Official Selection of Awareness Festival 2013

The Sounds of Silence (excerpts)

from See What I'm Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses - 2010
By prof. Lawrence Rosenblum, University of California Riverside,

The work of World Access for the Blind is showcased in this first Chapter which presents an in depth discussion of the power and refinement of human echolocation, and it's application for everyone, sighted and blind. It was this chapter which was showcased in the Proposal that sold the book, and This chapter is most commonly featured in articles and reviews, such as Psychology Today, The New Scientist, and Discover Magazine.

No stereotypes allowed: six remarkable people who happen to be blind

Perkins Online - January 30, 2015

"Complete this sentence: “People who are blind can’t…” Guess what? They can. As the six stories below prove, a lack of eyesight doesn’t mean a lack of skill, ambition or courage. Meet six unique and fascinating people who were undaunted by blindness." Profiles Daniel Kish as one of 6th notable blind people, compiled from the book “Undaunted by Blindness” by Clifford E. Olstrom, a compendium of 400 famous, unusual and interesting people who are blind.Note from Daniel Kish:
While I am honoured by this distinction, I hasten to point out that I do use a full length cane at all times, except when riding a bike, at which time the cane is usually strapped to the bike or my waist. The full length cane is integral to our Perceptual-Navigation method for students of all ages and backgrounds.