Keynotes and Plenary Sessions for Noted Blindness Conferences

Ready to Go, CTEVH, Brian Bushway Keynotes

February 28, 2008; Los Angeles, California

Brian Bushway, Perceptual Mobility Coach, delivers a keynote presentation at the California Transcribers and Educators of the Visually Handicapped regional conference.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Annual General Meeting - Nov. 2006

"Wow! What an AGM! … Forcefully demonstrating a point on echolocation, visiting speaker Daniel Kish has the full attention of everyone in the room." Daniel delivers Keynote to entire staff and Board of Directors of Guide Dogs of New South Wales, Australia, followed by a series of extended workshops and seminars to instructional staff and families. This was followed by another series of workshops delivered to all regional offices throughout New South Wales in 2007 and 2012. "the one who really did us proud was the star of the day, our guest speaker, Daniel Kish, world-renowned Orientation and Mobility Specialist from the USA. … Thanks to Daniel Kish, numerous students have learned to safely ride bikes and skateboards, enjoy playing ball games, and undertake solo wilderness travel. So, naturally, echolocation was his fascinating subject at our AGM where he held the audience spellbound with his talk and awestruck with his echolocation demonstrations."

European International Council for the Education of the Visually Impaired (ICEVI) - 2005

Daniel Kish presents a plenary session and several seminars on FlashSonar.

ICEVI - Europe: Chemnitz 2005 - program

ICEVI - Europe: Newsletter, May 2009

Full Report of Conference Proceedings Including Daniel Kish's Paper

FlashSonar Session at the International AER Conference - July 15, 2006

Daniel Kish presents a half day FlashSonar seminar to Mobility Specialists during division day at the International AER Conference in Salt Lake, Utah.

Michigan AER Keynote - April 2008

"Daniel will be our keynote speaker and will also present 2 to 3 sessions on echolocation curriculum and its application for bike riding, skating, ball play and solo wilderness travel. Additionally, we plan to offer an informal after conference student and family time with Daniel"

FlashSonar in South Africa - Sept, 2010

Orientation & Mobility Association of South Africa

S.A. Guide-Dogs Association

Daniel Kish delivers a Keynote to instructors and school administrators from all across South Africa, and delivers an extended Perceptual Navigation workshop with Juan Ruiz and Adam Shaible in Johannesburg,.

University of Cape Town

Daniel Kish, Juan Ruiz, and Adam Shaible deliver an extended Perceptual Navigation workshop in Cape Town.

Traveling by Echolocation!

Florida AER - October, 2008

Daniel Kish Keynotes, and delivers workshops and seminars to instructors and parents.

SouthWest AER - Nov. 2012

Daniel Kish Keynotes at Texas School for the Blind, and delivers FlashSonar workshops with J Louchart.