No Limits Public Awareness Campaign

New Light, No Limits - A New Way to See

How do we dare to dream, and make our dreams real? Let's learn to challenge what we think we know. Learn to see without sight, to live with No Limits. In two hours, World Access for the Blind combines hard science, inspiration, and hands-on experience to open the eyes of everyone to a new way of seeing. Video and real life demonstrations, unforgettable tales of personal achievement, and instructional activities challenge and change what we think we know. Everyday blind people share how they can see through darkness - riding bikes and climbing mountains by ourselves, playing sports, and living our dreams with self-reliance. Everyone, blind or not, should enjoy the freedom and strength of character to seek and discover our own limits and strengths, without suffering limits imposed on us by the presumptions of others. We show you how to banish limits. You will learn to see in the dark using innate senses within us all. By learning to do what seems impossible, we learn to change our lives and the lives of others. Shown across the world through TV and publications, we bring you a New Light. We extend to you the opportunity to share what you learn with others through a community activity or raising funds. We can help you help others. You receive concrete video updates on the impact you make. A follow-up ceremony can be arranged in the eyes of the local community and press to award a shining token of mutual achievement and enduring partnership. Sharing the New Light gives children an unparalleled sense of gratification, self worth, personal power, and camaraderie. Adults are drawn together into a powerful spirit of solidarity and purpose. Help blind people see. Help sighted people see better. Join us in the New Light, No Limits way of life.

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