Genuine Journeys

Trip To Chihuahua, Mexico: Achieving the Impossible

Daniel Kish - 2003

Juan Ruiz and Daniel Kish successfully taught flash sonar and No Limits to about 30 students and instructors whom they'd never met, in a language Daniel hardly knew, in environments they'd never visited, from a training practice that traditionally teaches one on one, and has only recently allowed blind instructors to teach at all. This was World Access for the Blind's first international training workshop. This very personal account documents the struggles and successes of how it was done, and the marvels of what was accomplished. This account is the first in a series about our first trip to help blind students and their instructors in Chihuahua.

Return to Chihuahua

Daniel Kish - 2004

This exciting and thoughtful account documents Daniel Kish's and Juan Ruiz's follow-up trip to Chihuahua. It highlights the extraordinary progress students and instructors made, and unforgettable voyages to special places in Mexico.

Finding Grace and Direction

Daniel Kish - 2002

This moving account details Daniel Kish's first camp out on his own deep and high in the San Gabriel canyons. It was a 3 day vision quest for spiritual vision and direction in the early, turbulent days of World Access for the Blind. He weathers unexpected storm and freezing temperatures, as he bears a 50 pound pack for many miles while fasting. This journalistic account, mostly written during the incredible journey, opens a deeply personal window into the spiritual heart and life of Daniel Kish.

A View from The Khumbu: Interview of Erik Weihenmayer

Maurice Peret - 2001

This exclusive interview of Erik Weihenmayer, the first and only blind person to reach the highest peek on earth, was conducted at base camp amid the hustle and bustle of one of the world's most historic expeditions. Maurice Peret, also blind, accompanied the expedition to handle communications.

A Historic Occasion

Maurice Peret - 2001

This marvelous account is contributed by a blind mobility specialist who accompanied Erik Weihenmayer, the first and only blind person to reach the highest peek on earth. Maurice Peret handled communications at base camp, 18,000 feet above sea level. This inspiring account of this most historic occasion is a penetrating view from a blind man who was close at hand to watch it all happen.

Moving On: A Hard Road, and Blind Beginnings

CBC TV - February, 2007

Blind Beginnings President, Shawn Marsolaiss, learns FlashSonar from Daniel Kish, with an aim to learn to ride her bike to work. A lot of the instructional process is followed closely. This is her thought provoking journey.

Flash Forward

Insight Magazine, United Kingdom - March, 2010

One of our most inspirational stories about our work helping a Scottish boy named Danyl learn to walk again after a serious accident.

Bat School for the Blind

BBC Switched - November, 2010

This informative documentary showcases Brian Bushway, one of our Perceptual Mobility Coaches, teaching a course of FlashSonar to a teenaged boy from Wales, England, with verification of his progress by a scientist from U.C. Davis. This video is narrated by the boy himself. It is an honest documentary of the journey of a boy and his mother toward freedom and greater achievement.

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