A Sketch of Impact on Clients

We have worked with over a-thousand blind students over the passed 13 years. Of these, we have maintained some form of contact with about 500. Of these, about 90% have expressed or demonstrated some or all of the following:

- improved interest and capacity to engage more effectively in more activities, such as sports, community outings, and social engagements.

- Interest in continuing work with us to refine skills

- Increased comfort levels with their blindness as they have expressed verbally or by other demonstration.

- Rejection of other instructors or training methods in favor of ours, not because we encourage this, as we keep very politically nutral, but because they find our approach to be so much faster and more effective.

- Willingness to help pass our approach on to others by mentoring or coaching others, by spreading the word through writings and media, by setting up their own organization in their own country, by donations to our organization, or by expressing a desire to join our organization in some capacity.

- Either obtaining employment, or improved effectiveness at current job due to increased confidence and movement skills.

- Able to engage more effectively in day to day activities, such as household management, shopping, money management, and even matters of health and well being.

Of the approximately 500 students with whom we've maintained contact, there have been over 3000 additional family members, professionals, friends, and community members associated with these students. They have often demonstrated or expressed the following:

- Heart-felt, sometimes tearful thanks for what we have helped them to accomplish

- Greater acceptance and appreciation for the student's blindness and achievements

- Enthusiastic willingness to help us spread the word about our approach through donations, setting up an organization, or involvement in the media.

- Inspired to apply some of the lessons learned by the blind student to their own lives

- Dramatic changes in behavior and outlook toward the student so that the student's capacity toward achievement and freedom are more strongly supported

- Highly responsive to and appreciative of our advice, counsel, and support

- Desire to find out everything they can to pass our approach on to more people who can benefit