The World Responds

As of June, 2014 we have:

- Provided active service to individuals and organizations in nearly 40 countries and more than half the U.S.

- Delivered over 500 invited presentations and workshops

- been written about in over 100 printed newspapers and general public periodicals

- Been written about in seven published books, including technical science texts, with more books still in press

- Been featured in over 50 television and radio pieces

Of particular noteworthiness are our invited appearances and features in:

- U.S. News and World Report

- The Week

- KTLA: Heros at Home

- Men's Journal

- UTNE Readers Visionaries

- Five TEDx forums

- Guinness World Records TV

- Ripley's Believe It or Not

- The Chronical of Philanthropy

- CNN International

- Reader's Digest

- Smithsonian Magazine

- Der Spiegel Magazine

- ABC's 20/20

- National Geographic TV, Radio, and Magazine

- Display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry