Activational presentations, Events, and Engagements

"If we take man as he is, we make him worse, but if we take man as he should be, we make him capable of becoming what he could be." - Goethe

We go where we're invited; we stay where we're welcome. We don't try to sell, persuade, or convince. Our aim is to share what we learn. We've delivered hundreds of workshops, presentations, and trainings directly to many thousands of participants in over 36 countries and half the U.S. Most of our engagements are invited by word of mouth, as we do little active promotion. Our services are overwhelmingly well received all across the globe. Although we charge only for reimbursement of our own expenses in most cases, we are often generously sponsored by religious and relief organizations, schools and universities, medical institutions, nonprofit entities, media companies, prfessional organizations, corporations, and private clients themselves out of appreciation for what they've received. Thank you. We are pleased to serve.

High Profile Activational Presentations

Featuring some of our well received high profile corporate, educational, and public presentations.

Keynotes and Plenary Sessions for Noted Blindness Conferences

Well received presentations delivered to well attended conferences throughout the world.

Science, Technology, and Higher Education

These include presentations for institutes of higher education and research - universities, medical establishments, and science symposiums.

Blindness Workshops for Professionals and Families - Learning a New Way

Selected reports about workshops we've delivered to professionals, illustrated through news pieces and documentaries, as well as private letters from workshop coordinators and attendees, most of which were unsolicited.