Daniel Kish Voted Talk of the Day at PopTech

PopTech : talk of the Day: Daniel Kish on blindness and freedom

Lindsay Borthwick - October 22, 2011

This post also contains the video of Daniel's well received presentation.

PopTech Shorts: Daniel Kish's echolocation in action

A short segment of Daniel explaining and demonstrating FlashSonar.

Blind man uses his ears to see

CNN: What's Next - November 11, 2011
By John D. Sutter

The full length story.

Sanjay Gupta

CNN Transcripts (video below)
December, 2011

GUPTA: "If you like science, you might know that animals like bats and dolphins can navigate by sound. They use sound waves to help them find their way around the environment, even in the dark. Now, we recently came across something we thought was pretty remarkable -- a man who has trained himself to do the same thing. It's hard to believe, but seeing, and in this case hearing, is believing." BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) DANIEL KISH, PRESIDENT, WORLD ACCESS FOR THE BLIND GUPTA: "Now, Daniel Kish who lost his own sight at 13 months has founded a nonprofit called World Access for the Blind. He's teaching the technique." ...

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