Daniel Kish: TED2015 Highlights

Recapping TED 2015: Flour Made From Coffee and Eight More Things to Chew On

RE/CODE - March 23, 2015,
By Ina Fried

“I call this process flash sonar,” Kish told the crowd. “It is how I have learned to see through my blindness.” "The main obstacle that Kish is still working to overcome? The fear with which much of society treats blind people."

Engage, fascinate: TED talks return to Vancouver Convention Centre

Vancouver Sun - March 14, 2015

"Kish, blind since the age of one, is an expert in human echolocation, the ability to identify the physical world by sending out sounds and sensing their echoes. He’s so good at it that he can mountain bike and camp in the wilderness by himself. He’s the founder of World Access for the Blind which teaches people to ‘see with their ears’ using a technique called FlashSonar. World Access believes that “blindness is not as disabling as is commonly believed.”"