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The Explosion of Consciousness: TSC Conference Tucson Arizona 2012

Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research - May, 2012
by John K. Grandy

"The star of the show in this plenary session was Daniel Kish … Daniel was born blind and developed the ability to utilize echolocation. He opened up with his own response to the question “what is it like to be a bat” that was asked evidently by a non-blind person, to which “what is it like to be a hawk” was his retort. Daniel stated that echolocation can be used to obtain an image of an individual’s surroundings. He demonstrated this by generating click sounds with his tongue and the top of his mouth. Then he showed how the basic principles of echolocation worked by holding a laptop in front of his face, while making a “shhhhh” sound. During this demonstration he would move the laptop farther away from his face and then closer, which caused an audible change in frequency and pitch. … Daniel discussed how using this technique enables him to “visualize” an acoustic flow field and edge detection (also called edge geometry of an object) in order to determine objects in his surroundings. He also discussed how this technique can help detect the depth or density of a structure. All of this takes training and practice. … He played a video demonstration of one of his former students Juan Ruiz using this technique of echolocation. Juan, who was born blind, set the Guinness Book of World Records by riding a bicycle while using echolocation on an obstacle course and navigating around columns without touching them or knocking them over. Mind you, Juan was not allowed the opportunity to familiarize himself with the obstacle course prior to performing this amazing feat. Here is a link to this demonstration. This was a really fascinating presentation. The fact that Daniel can generate sound to make a map of his environment and navigate in it without vision is truly outstanding! I actually had the opportunity to watch Daniel do this off stage in the hotel lobby. I can not express here how impressed I am that he as taken a disability like being blind and in turn evolved a new modality of sensory perception and consciousness. In addition, he is able to teach other blind people how to do this."

Sound Vision: The Consciousness of Seeing with Sound

Plenary Session
Daniel Kish, Lore Thaler, Cynthia Moss

Present research and perspective on human echolocation from brain science and behavioral studies. Includes a panel discussion.

Amazing Grace

THE DIGITAL AGE - February 17, 2015
By Mike D

A spiritual perspective on This American Life's Bat Man. About Daniel Kish: "his mother was determined that her son live life to the fullest. … she let him play and run around the neighborhood like any normal kid. One day, … Daniel’s mom bought her blind son a bike. He was out, cruising the streets, making his clicking sounds, when he encountered a hill. … He went down the hill. Faster and faster, then…whack! … face first into a light pole. “Blood everywhere,” Daniel recalls. This … really surprised me, and I’m certain would confound many parents – Daniel’s mom did not keep Daniel indoors, where he would be safe and free from harm. Instead, she gave him another bike!!!" “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now I’m found, Was blind but now I see.

Walking Blind

Posted on December 13, 2012 by smallpebbles

"On a recent morning walk up the holy Mountain Arunachala to Skandashram, the cave location where the great sage Ramana Maharshi lived from 1916-22, I witnessed a western man tapping his way along the 1.4 km. (.87 mile) path with a white cane, the kind of cane commonly used by blind people. I was struck by the ease in which he traversed the Hill, even passing other climbers, some out of breath who were struggling with the steep ascent."
"In a 2008 interview with BBC “Ouch!” Interviews, when asked to give his best piece of advice Daniel said, “Make a point of regularly challenging what you think you know. Most of it is based on assumptions that have been programmed into us by a society which doesn’t necessarily have our best interest at heart. If we challenge what we think we know, there is a chance we can break out of that and begin to touch what is real.”"

Jacques Lusseyran: A most remarkable unsung hero!

I am Daniel Kish, and I am including this entry personally to say that this man is one of the most impressive and thoughtfully eloquent individuals I have ever come across. His works are some of the most eloquently beautiful, insightful, soul-stirring contributions to literature that I have ever encountered. Included here are some of his writings, together with some penetrating perspectives about him.

Parisian Jacques Lusseyran was just 15 when the Nazis conquered France. Within a year, though, he had formed an underground resistance group of 600 youths. To make his brave feat even more remarkable, it should be noted that since the age of 8, Lusseyran had been blind. This is some of the most beautiful, inspiring, and engaging articulation of what it was like for a young boy to go blind, and what it was like to adapt to blindness, especially at a time and in a culture which was even more restrictive. His writings are passionate, yet thoughtful, heart-rending yet up-lifting.

Raise the Soul to Flame

From A Sense of the World - 2006
By Jason Roberts

This is Daniel Kish. I want to express personally my deep honour and appreciation to be considered as approaching a league of such distinguished gentlemen as are portrayed in this, the final Chapter of A Sense of the World - National Federation of the Blind's President, Kenneth Jernigan, poet Jorge Luis Borges, and, of course, the peerless and timeless James Holman himself. Here are offered some exerpts from this closing chapter, as well as more information about this warm and erudite account.

Not by Sight

Joni and Friends ministries, International Disability Center - circa April, 2008 ©

This documentary provides a comprehensive and inspiring overview of the life of Brian Bushway, and his work through World Access for the Blind.

Unveiled: Brian Bushway

Mosaic - 2007

This short video provides an entertaining and inspiring glimpse into the remarkable life of Brian Bushway, one of our perceptual mobility coaches.

Unlearning Limitation

Imperfect Spirituality - February 23, 2015 By Polly Campbell

"What we believe, what we learn from others and ourselves and hold tight to, determines in large part what we’ll do and explore and feel. But it doesn’t have to."
"When Daniel Kish was a kid, nobody told him blind people weren’t supposed to be climbing trees. So he climbed them. Later, when he was older he met plenty of people who freaked when they found out he was riding a bike. But it was too late. By then, he’d already installed the belief that he could ride."
"But the biggest obstacle he encounters isn’t the at the edge of the unseen precipice, it’s found in the beliefs others hold about what it means to be blind. We are socialized, taught, to believe blind people can’t do what Daniel Kish does."
"With awareness we can tweak our beliefs about our own capabilities and twist and mold and shape them into beliefs that support us, move us toward a life of passion and possibility. We can follow our curiosities ­ no matter what our parents say ­ and discover the beliefs that will inspire us. Those that are helpful. Those that stand for possibility rather than limitation. We can pick those."

Blind boy with incredible will: 'I just believe that I can't be stopped'

KOMO News - January 30, 2015
By Eric Johnson

"In 2005, his Shiite family was ambushed in a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad. His uncle was killed. His mother was shot. The attackers then turned a shotgun on Hamoody [Humoody], and shot him in the face at close range. It would be the last thing he ever saw. One eye was shot out. The other was blinded. He was 2-years old." "I remember dying, ... I left my body and went to heaven, ... came back. Three times. ... You don't forget that ... and to this day sometimes I hear angels singing outside my window."

Gifted –Daniel Kish

Embracing Chaos: life with a special needs boy - January 27, 2015
by Wystan Simons

A thought-provoking, heart-warming, and soul-stirring glimpse of a young man named Owen who, through his quiet ways, has subltley "been a conduit for angels to make some critical changes". I, Daniel Kish, am honoured to be included in this article. Thank you Wystan for sharing this edifying tribute to your son.