Notable Interviews

Daniel Kish - How Can You See Without Seeing?

NPR: TED Radio Hour - November 20, 2015
Guy Raz

A segment from an episode about adaptation, featuring an in depth interview with Daniel Kish in connection with his TED talk.

How a deaf musician and a blind activist experience the world

Ideas Magazine - June 18, 2015
By Karen Eng

"Born deaf, TED Fellow and artist Christine Sun Kim uses sound as her medium, so when she saw Daniel Kish (TED Talk: How I use sonar to navigate the world) explain how he uses the echoes from the clicks of his tongue to navigate the world without sight … she was intrigued. The two of them got together to talk about how they each perceive sound, and to share their thoughts on sight and sound"

Daniel Kish Interviewe from World of Echoes

Global News - April 21, 2015
by Claude Adams

Extended video interview of Daniel Kish.

Can Echo Location help your sport?

The Blind Sport Podcast - Nov. 30, 2015
by Mike Lloyd

"Daniel Kish talks about how he has mastered Echo Location to assist him to interpret his environment in order to not only safely navigate around, but be able to enjoy solo activities such as running, cycling and hiking as a blind person.

Daniel explains the work that he does with World Access For The Blind , and how their training methods are having a massive impact on the way that many blind people interact with their environment, independently navigate the world and participate in many sports and physical activities.

This is a very thought provoking conversation and may challenge some of your views and beliefs. Is it possible to do more than you think without sight?"

Stream Directly from the Blind Sports website:

Real-life 'Batman' uses echoes to navigate without sight

Telegraph, U.K. - March 19, 2015
By Peter Foster, Washington

"Daniel Kish is known as a real-life Batman. He earned his nickname not by fighting crime, however, but for the bat-like technique he uses to see the world around him"
"Daniel is a master of the echo-location technique that Chen Guangcheng, the 'barefoot lawyer', used to escape China"

Echolocation Makes Mountain Biking, Skiing Possible For The Blind

Here & Now, 90.9 WBUR, Boston's NPR - June 9, 2011
Robin Young

"If you're blind, you may have thought sports like skate boarding and mountain biking were off limits. But Daniel Kish, founder of World Access for the Blind has other ideas. ... Brian Bushway, a former student who now trains others in flash sonar, defended Flash Sonar to Here & Now's Robin Young, saying it provides unparalleled independence for the blind."


Behindwoods - September, 2012

A lengthy and in depth interview with Daniel kish about a variety of topics, including his conducting workshops for blind people in India, and his acting part along side Vikram in the Tamil film Thandavam. Includes video and transcript.

Seeing Beyond Sight

New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR)

Brian Bushway talks about using FlashSonar and other senses to see, even though he's totally blind, and how to teach others to do this.

Daniel Kish on RNIB Podcast

November, 2008

This is a recording and transcript of Daniel Kish’s appearance on the Royal National Institute for the Blind podcast, in connection with a series of workshops sponsored by the Royal National Institute for Blind People.

Blindness No Obstacle

National Public Radio (NPR): All Things Considered - March, 2011

An exposé on our work, focusing on some auditory demonstrations, and Daniel's personal perspective.

Experience: I taught myself to see

Life and style | The Guardian - July 13, 2013
As told to Emily Cunningham

An account fashioned into the first person by the interviewer, with some liberties taken ...

Daniel Kish: using sound to see! - Life Matters

ABC Radio National, Australia - February 22, 2012
Presenter: Natasha Mitchell

"Daniel Kish has been blind since he was 13 months old. He’s now 45, and has developed a really remarkable way of getting around. He can do many of the things sighted people take for granted, like riding a bike. His ears are also his eyes and he uses sound to move around."

Daniel Kish - Teaching the Blind to See

The BadAss Project - July 31, 2012
by Johnny B. Truant

"We deal a lot with the impossible on this website, but Daniel Kish has done something that most people would say is truly, literally, impossible. Completely blind from the age of one … he lost both of his eyes), Daniel has taught himself to see. And now he’s teaching other blind and visually impaired people to do the same.

"Daniel’s company World Access For the Blind teaches the use of what’s called “Flash Sonar.” The user emits vocalizations, and those vocalizations strike objects in the world and bounce back. Through careful study, students learn to interpret the changes in the echoes and can find the object around them, tell their shapes, and navigate around them.

"If you redefine “seeing” as something that happens in the mind instead of the eye, this is sight, indeed. There have even been MRI studies that show the visual cortex functioning through echolocation.

"Daniel says that under most circumstances, the resolution is “about the size of a softball.” He himself goes through the world as just about any sighted person would. He even rides his bike through the city.

"Check out this truly astonishing interview … And prepare … to rethink the impossible."

Thirteen Personal Questions

BBC - Ouch!

A provocative personal exposé on Daniel Kish, consisting of a 13 question interview.

FlashSonar: Surprising Solutions You Never Knew About; Brian Bushway

CBS: The Doctors - August 28, 2009

" After losing his sight at age 14, Brian learned to use echo location to navigate the world. The same principles apply to that of the sonar bats and dolphins use."

Whale & Dolphin Meets Daniel Kish

Wale & Dolphin Magazine (WDC) - Winter, 2013
Malcolm Tait

An interview with Daniel Kish about human sonar, and his insights into the world of whale and dolphin perception.

Blind Man on a Bike - Juan Ruiz

Excerpted From the Jeff Probst Show - March 15, 2013

Juan speaks about his experiences as a Perceptual Navigation coach for World Access for the Blind.

Daniel Kish interview

Low Vision Bureau - May 5, 2012
by Mike Davies

An extended radio interview about Daniel's life, personality, and work. "I decided to interview Daniel Kish for my LVB Show because I was amazed by his talents and abilities and especially his attitude towards life."

Navigating Using Echolocation

Eyes on Success - June 25, 2014

" If you can't see with your eyes, you need other ways of recognizing your environment in order to maneuver through it. Like bats, humans can also use echolocation. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with Daniel Kish and J Louchart of World Access for the Blind about 'Flash Sonar', an echolocation technique they developed and teach worldwide."

National Geographic Interviews

Articles and radio programming about our work.

the magazine of UC Riverside - Winter 2007

Interview with Daniel Kish, U.C.R. alumnus.

Teaching Blind Children to 'See' With Their Ears

The Takeaway - October, 2012
By Elizabeth Ross - New York Public Radio

"Daniel Kish is an expert in the use of human echolocation. Kish has been blind since he was 13 months old, but he has been able to lead a wonderfully active life and enjoys hobbies such as hiking and mountain-biking. To help him navigate, Kish uses tongue-clicks and listens to their echoes to help him create an image in his mind of the physical world around him. He calls his technique FlashSonar.
... Kish has traveled the globe to teach his sonar technique and other independence skills to blind students, and even toddlers."

Daniel Kish Visits Vision Australia, Melbourne

Talking Vision - March 2014
Stephen Jolley

"a different way of thinking about a blind person’s orientation and mobility. California based Blind Orientation and Mobility Specialist Daniel Kish recently returned to Australia to promote his approach to equipping people who are blind with increased capacity to move about as they choose. A centrepiece of the approach is a form of human echo location known as Flash Sonar. … Daniel talks about this, his philosophy of a very long cane, the work of his organisation World Access for the blind and more."

No Excuses – Daniel Kish

Eclectic Cake - March 1, 2015
by Jen Slater

"Being too tired, not having enough time, worrying what other people might think, fear of failure... The excuses for not getting stuff done are varied, endless and pretty much always just a little bit lame. Some people, though, like Daniel Kish, have seemingly been given the best excuses in the world, such as being blind. Daniel has been completely blind for most of his life, yet he thinks nothing of navigating through woods or scaling mountains on his own. Nor should we. The worst excuse he's ever heard? "I can't see."

Mapping with Clicks

American Public Media (APM): The Story - July 30, 2013 By Dick Gordon

"Brian Bushway is blind and uses echolocation, a soft clicking sound, to orient himself. He says it allows him to identify the spatial relationships between objects and find a path to move in. He became legally blind when he was 14 and now teaches this technique to interested blind people."

How One Man Is Using Sonar to Navigate the World

Eone Time - April 30, 2015

"After listening to the [NPR] interview, we were eager to learn more about Daniel and his beliefs. Daniel is a busy guy (he even gave a TED talk last month), so we’re honored he took the time to chat with us. Below you’ll learn about his experience on the radio show, the ways he thinks society limits people who are blind — and even how blind people can start to see."

Asking Big Questions and Raising the Bar

No Barriers Interview - August 3, 2015
by Buddy Levy

"How much control do you want over your own capacity to achieve? And, what, in truth, allows us to be truly free?"

Daniel Kish at TED, Vancouver

AccessibleMedia (AMI) - May 15, 2015
By John Harris and Grant Hardy

Show-cases Daniel's arrival at the TED2015 conference, how he learns his way around, and his thoughts about his up-coming talk.
"Daniel Kish is completely blind and uses a cane to get around, However, he also uses a different method to learn about his surroundings. AMI's Grant Hardy learns more about echolocation."
Includes interview with TED's Kate Torgovnick May.