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Merritt Island LEGO team delves into echolocation

Florida Today - February, 2011
by Pat Clay

About the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, Legooners, a group of elementary school kids who raised money and organized an event for Daniel to come out and provide a Sensory Awareness seminar for blindness professionals and members of the general public. This experience included meeting with families of blind children, and working with some young blind children, as well as a blind adult.

The blind leading the blind – an eye opening experience

Orange County Register - August, 2010
By SUKI REED - president, OC Hiking Club

A touching and informative commentary on one of our hikes with the O C Hiking Club, where our blind instructors taught many of their sighted members how to hike blind.

Dolphins and Children Using Sonar

Channel 5, United Kingdom - June, 2008

Daniel is unwittingly pitted in a sonar contest against Milo the Dolphin. Features Professor Magnus Wahlberg from University of Southern Denmark. Includes a most touching and heart warming segment with one of our blind students - a very engaging and adorably charming 7 year old Samuel, now deceased, who shows us how it's all done. From the Producer:

From: "Barbara Lee"
Date: … Apr 2008

"Hi Daniel, I don't know how to begin thanking you for agreeing to participate in our documentary! I was so sorry not to make it to Bruges as I really wanted to meet you in person … I was even more sorry not to make it when I saw the rushes from the shoot. They are amazing … the crew rang to thank us for booking them on it. How nice is that! I think it was mainly down to you though. Everyone was blown away watching your echolocation skills. I knew you were good, but I had no idea you were that good. You are far too humble. It is amazing to watch you in action - it's so powerful and gives us all a glimpse of what humans are capable of. I believe the crew burst into spontaneous applause at the end of one test and I don't blame them. It's awe inspiring. …

with ten films in production, … The film I am most proud of so far is this one. … The only shame is that the film is so short - I think we could get a good hour out of it. …

You were right too about Sam - … its so moving watching this warm intelligent little boy … You did good work with that little chap! … we see you as an experienced and sophisticated echolocator and in a way the benchmark for … this lovely little boy."

Soccer no obstacle to blind children: A new perspective on the world's game

Orange County Register - July, 2010

An engaging exposé on our soccer clinic for blind youth, held in conjunction with the Major League Soccer team Chivas USA - just one example of our TeamBat recreational program.

Camp helps kids get a kick out of soccer

The Daily Breeze - June, 2011
By Madeline Stone

An engaging exposé on one of our soccer clinics for blind youth, held in conjunction with Chivas USA - just another example of our TeamBat recreational program.

Some Responses to the Men's Journal Article

Some correspondences with a few who responded about the Men's Journal article.

Brian speaks at Braille Challenge

March, 2010

Brian delivers a stirring and memorable presentation to students and families to kick off the Braille Institute challenge.

People should adapt to environment to overcome adversity

The Collegian - February 19, 2008
by Tyler Smith

"Animals possess certain traits necessary to survive in their surroundings. Men born and raised in the Himalayas have larger toes so more blood can circulate, preventing frostbite. This was not a conscious decision. People didn't focus on growing larger toes; it just happened. Huskies didn't have a meeting and decide to grow thick coats; time and nature decided on it. Rarely is physical adaptation a choice, but Dan Kish is an exception. Kish is a blind man who can "see" using sound."

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