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Blind as a Bat: Seeing without eyesight

HDNet World Report - July, 2011 ©
by Jennifer London and Philip Maravilla

This is a penetrating report of how FlashSonar works, and how it complements and expands upon other perceptual mobility skills. Delves into the day to day operations of World Access for the Blind, as well as the daily lives of Daniel Kish and Juan Ruiz. Reports on how daniel grew to be who he is. Particularly focuses on Daniel's hike and overnight camping trip alone, and how he does it. Also showcases the process of self directed discovery through unknown places. Includes in depth interview.
"Daniel Kish is blind, but he can ride a bike and hike in the woods without a guide. He can describe his surroundings in precise detail. He’s an extraordinary man, and wants to share his gift with others who lack sight. Why aren’t organizations advocating for the blind more supportive?" Find out more about Daniel Kish and Juan Ruiz. Philip Maravilla is a renowned producer who also produced "Blind Hikers Scale the Andes" for ABC Nightline about Erik Weihenmayer's leadership of an expedition of blind and sighted teenagers up Machu Picchu, which showcases the admirable achievements possible for blind people through strategic and mutual engagement of sighted support. View this at our "Resources Center".

Batman in Action

Spiegel TV - May, 2004
Amai Haukamp

Excerpts from a documentary about how our approach is implemented and its impact. Even though it was produced in 2004, it is still a good representation of our work, and it shows some of our blind instructors when they were still learning their craft. It was originally aired in Germany, but the German commentary has been removed.

A Game of Tennis Tests Notions of Blindness

New York Times - June 4, 2012

Daniel Kish provides technical consulting on mobility, brain science, and echolocation.


Daily News (Los Angeles) - September 26, 2002
Keith Lair

About our mountain biking program, called TeamBat.

Mountain Bike Action Magazine

2001, 2009, 2011
by John Ker

Articles about our mountain bike TeamBat exploits.

Soccer no obstacle to blind children: A new perspective on the world's game

Orange County Register - July, 2010

An engaging exposé on our soccer clinic for blind youth, held in conjunction with the Major League Soccer team Chivas USA - just one example of our TeamBat recreational program.

Camp helps kids get a kick out of soccer

The Daily Breeze - June, 2011
By Madeline Stone

An engaging exposé on one of our soccer clinics for blind youth, held in conjunction with Chivas USA - just another example of our TeamBat recreational program.

The blind leading the blind – an eye opening experience

Orange County Register - August, 2010
By SUKI REED - president, OC Hiking Club

A touching and informative commentary on one of our hikes with the O C Hiking Club, where our blind instructors taught many of their sighted members how to hike blind.

Hiking, by way of echolocation

Daily Pilot (Partner to the Los Angeles Times) - August 19, 2010 By Sarah Peters

Features Brian Bushway, Perceptual Navigation Instructor, interviewed.
"It really is a testimony to the adaptability of the human brain and the human spirit."

Riding Blind: Alums push the limits with sightless biking

The News of California State University, Los Angeles - Oct 23, 2002
By Nancy Miron and Stan Carstensen

"On the cover—Mountain biker Dan Kish [graduated] ’96, is one of the few blind persons certified to teach orientation and mobility skills for the blind. He doesn’t mind questions and curiosity about blindness. “I like that people are seeking information; too many make assumptions that have nothing to do with your abilities. We go to school or work, and do the things we need to do, naturally, without even thinking about being blind. It’s just another part of who we are.” See story on page 6."

At Liberty

Aquariverse - May 8, 2015
By Katherine Jurgens

An excellent review of our approach as it pertains to enjoying nature through hiking and climbing. "Kish hasn’t simply encountered such people along a trail (or up a tree) – he’s often the mobility coach who helped them find their way there. Indeed, with uncompromising zeal (grounded in degrees in developmental psychology and special education) he is as determined to enable blind people to lead active, self-reliant lives as he is to liberate sighted people from their assumptions about what blind people can and can’t do."

Echolocating Sculpture: A Monument to Abstraction

Austin Seraphin - October 27, 2012

A compelling and thought provoking piece about how one of our students used FlashSonar to heighten his appreciation of sculptures at an art exhibit.

IS It Possible to See without Sight? - Brian Bushway

Discovery Canada: Daily Planet - April 9, 2015

Brian is put to the challenge of using his FlashSonar to describe a random sculpture for a forensic artist to draw, unseen.

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Riding Blind with Daniel Kish

Wheelhouse Oakland - January 16, 2015
by David Archard

"Our caps off to Daniel, for breaking down paradigms—and to Invisibilia, for delving into a story that, elsewhere, has only been covered on its surface. I hope we all strive for greater things from ourselves, and from each other, to create communities of positive support and fulfillment."

Daniel Kish Helps Blind Athletes “See” By Teaching Human Echolocation

Purpose 2 Play - November 17, 2015
By Kim Constantinesco

“I was raised with the expectation that I would be able to get around and not struggle to do so,” Kish said. “I can say that I taught myself, but really it has to do with the kind of attitude that my parents instilled in me.”
Kish’s parents didn’t think of him as remarkable or amazing. His activities and achievements weren’t celebrated, but simply accepted and nurtured to enable him to enjoy freedoms and responsibilities.
One of the most important things that Kish learned from his parents was that they would not fix things or make them alright. He had to put in the work himself.
“For instance, if I misplaced something, my parents would not go get it, nor would they necessarily show me where it was,” Kish said. “They would show me how to find it, and how to keep track of it in the future.”

Can Echo Location help your sport?

The Blind Sport Podcast - Nov. 30, 2015
by Mike Lloyd

"Daniel Kish talks about how he has mastered Echo Location to assist him to interpret his environment in order to not only safely navigate around, but be able to enjoy solo activities such as running, cycling and hiking as a blind person.

Daniel explains the work that he does with World Access For The Blind , and how their training methods are having a massive impact on the way that many blind people interact with their environment, independently navigate the world and participate in many sports and physical activities.

This is a very thought provoking conversation and may challenge some of your views and beliefs. Is it possible to do more than you think without sight?"

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