Sensation Consulting

We can provide sound information and guidance to any blindness project. Are you planning a project about blindness in research, legal proceedings, assistive technology development, a film or documentary, a book or article, a disability awareness program, a class project, a fund raising campaign? Do you want your project to address blindness respectfully and accurately? Do you want to avoid mistakes made so often that denigrate or threaten the integrity of blind people? Much harm has been done to blind people out of good but mis-guided intentions. Our approach to blindness is clear, broad, and respectful. It is unparalleled in its focus on self-reliance and possibility. It is based on capability, not deficiency; achievement not struggle. It is based on the latest research in human perception, and rooted in the exemplary experiences and successes of many blind people. World Access for the Blind is one of the few organizations in the world inspired by blind people, built by blind people, and led by blind people, and we are known throughout the world for our ground breaking and effective work. We know about blindness. We know about the realities of achievement through ingenuity, adaptation, and perseverance. We are uniquely capable of helping you infuse your project with a solid understanding of blindness, and it is our pleasure.