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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

"Echolocation and Mobility,"

The Rehabilitation Revolution: Our History, Current Challenges, and the Future - July, 2005
National Federation of the Blind Rehabilitation Conference

"a speech delivered by Mr. Daniel Kish, M.A., M.A.,COMS, NOMC, Executive Director, World Access for the Blind"

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bat Man

ABC Australia, Behind the News - February 28, 2012

Children's Program about human echolocation, reporting on two blind children whith whom we have since worked. Article and video: "For blind and visually impaired people there are some common tricks used to get around like canes. ... meet a blind man who uses bat-like sonar skills to be able to 'see'. ... he's holding a series of workshops with blind Australian students to help improve their skills."

MOBILITY FOCUS: Developing Early Skills for Orientation and Mobility

By Diane Fazzi, Tanni Anthony, Hannah Bleier, Daniel Kish, Rona Pogrund
From Early Focus: Working with Young Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired and Their Families - 2002
Edited by R. Pogrund, Ph.D., D. Fazzi, Ph.D.

"Chapter 10 provides some tips for developing an O&M program for young children who are blind or visually impaired."

When Darkness Lights the Way: How the Blind May Function as Specialists in Movement and Navigation

by Daniel Kish - 2003

Daniel Kish is a totally blind Orientation and Mobility Specialist who has written this monograph to illustrate how blind people may function as specialists in movement and navigation. It serves as a very detailed exposé on his experiences both in training, and in the profession. He covers an exhaustive array of issues in depth. Careful attention is given to the maintenance of the highest professional and ethical standards.

Embracing Our World

Daniel Kish - 2003

This document is a compilation of dozens of presentations delivered to consumers and professionals from all areas of the blindness field covering child-rearing, movement and navigation, psychological and social adjustment, daily living and life skills, multiple disabilities, resources, and general freedom and quality of life.

Facilitating Movement and Navigation in Blind Pre-Schoolers: A Positive, Practical Approach

Daniel Kish, Hannah Bleier, Sandra Moser - 2003

This report, written with many thousands of collective hours of experience with blind preschoolers discusses the psychology of learning in the preschooler and presents many practical methods of facilitating movement competence.

FLASH SONAR PROGRAM: Helping Blind People Learn to See

Daniel Kish - 2013

The conventional term echolocation has unfortunately come to represent and describe the more conventional use of echolocation, which is typically rudimentary and far from its actual capacity and scope. In this paper, President Daniel Kish describes our Flash Sonar training program, designed to introduce the more advanced degree, scope, and complexity that echolocation can provide.

Teaching FlashSonar

Insight Magazine, United Kingdom - March, 2008
Deborah Webber, Ed.

Daniel Kish provides an overview of the FlashSonar process, and how it's taught.

A Perception Basis for Cane Length Considerations

AER Report - Spring, 2009
by Daniel Kish

Reports a new way, based in perceptual theory and long practice, to determine cane length that is found to be especially helpful for children.

FlashSonar: the next step in Echolocation instruction

AER Report - summer, 2009
by Daniel Kish

Provides a perceptual overview and practical tips on bringing echolocation instruction to the level of advanced active sonar.

Canes Mean Freedom

Insight Magazine, United Kingdom - July & September, 2010
by Daniel Kish

Parts I and II of this article discuss the critical importance of early cane training for blind infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The theoretical framework is discussed, and some principals of implementation are outlined.

FlashSonar: Understanding and Applying Sonar Imaging to Mobility

Future Reflections, National Federation of the Blind - March, 2011
by Daniel Kish

An invited article by Daniel Kish about how we teach FlashSonar to bring mobility to new levels.
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