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Popular X Ambassadors Official Video - Rennigades

Spring - 2015

Features blind people positively and tastefully, including our work.

The Science of How Daredevil Can See Without Sight

GeekTyrant - May, 2015
by Joey Paur

"How does DAREDEVIL protect his neighborhood despite being blind? Kyle tells you all about echolocation and how we can all be more Daredevil-like on Because Science."
Refers to Daniel Kish by way of demonstration.

Super Human Challenge - Juan Ruiz

BBC - February, 2013

In a light-hearted but penetrating exposé, Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Instructor, Under the direction of a scientist, takes on a series of rivoting and competitive challenges to test the limits of his FlashSonar.

Is there really a blind man whom can mountain bike using echo location clicking?

Penn & Teller Tell a Lie - November, 2011

"The blind guys hearing with echolocation is fabulous, and that's one of the real ones—seeing a guy [Juan Ruiz] that does not have eyesight being able to ride a mountain bike."

Ryo Hirosawa's Song

Medicine Music series - July 5, 2013
Jonathan Mann

"Ryo Hirosawa has an incurable heart disease that's led to the loss of his eyes. Despite this, he still takes pictures all the time. I got to talk to him over Skype. He's a really great guy! His friend Darrell reached out to me and asked me to write him this song. If you have someone in your life who's ill, let me know!

Humanly Impossible

National Geographic TV - summer, 2011

Juan Ruiz is featured demonstrating his skills of FlashSonar. “Extreme performers push the human body to extraordinary limits. ... Humanly Impossible follows a team of doctors and scientists to reveal the physiology behind ... stunts that surpass average human capability.”

Can we Help

Australian Broadcast Company - February, 2012

Features a blind gentleman named Sam Byrne from Melbourne, who attended one of our seminars, and who has aspirations of becoming a Mobility Specialist - hosted by comedian Peter Rosthorne.


Media about Daniel as an actor along side Vikram, in the Tamil film, Vhaandavam.

Bat Man

Ripley's Believe It or Not! ® -August, 2000

Daniel Kish, Juan Ruiz, and Brian Bushway are featured doing all kinds of "Believe It or Not" things, while Brian and Juan were still Daniel's students, not yet out of high school. Provides some informative perspective on how human echolocation works. Includes some mountain bike footage taken by Jaymes Squires, one of our young visually impaired students acting as videographer - Believe It or Not. "Dan Kish lost his eyesight at the age of one. But, using a technique called echo location he developed after studying bats, Dan likes to go bicycling through the busy city streets--even though he is completely blind. Believe it or not!"

Bat School for the Blind

BBC Switched - November, 2010

This informative documentary showcases Brian Bushway, one of our Perceptual Mobility Coaches, teaching a course of FlashSonar to a teenaged boy from Wales, England, with verification of his progress by a scientist from U.C. Davis. This video is narrated by the boy himself.

Stan Lee's Real Superhumans - Juan Ruiz

Discovery Channel - April, 2010

Juan Ruiz gives a stunning and very genuine demonstration of FlashSonar on the shamelessly over the top but entertaining show.

Guinness World Records: Juan Ruiz

TV Italy - April, 2011

Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Instructor, is invited by Guinness to set a world record for blind bicycling through a random obstacle course using only FlashSonar. In so doing, Juan gave a stirring speech that made the live audience cry. "I still don't understand the significance of a world record, but I do understand the significance of my speech."
Includes a fascinating written account of the Guinness experience by Juan and Justin Louchart, who was present at the time. Juan and colleagues also provided a FlashSonar workshop to Italian professors, and worked with a family during this time.


Presents pleasantly tongue in cheek interviews and articles about our "Daredevil" powers.

Criminal Minds: The big wheel

CBS - Season 4, Episode 22, April, 2009
by Simon Mirren and Rob Hardy

"Jake Cherry's performance as blinded Stanley Wolcott in this episode was assisted by Daniel Kish, a perceptual mobility instructor, who is the lead founder and CEO of World Access for the Blind. Daniel holds two national certifications in Orientation and Mobility, COMS and NOMC, and is the first totally blind individual to obtain both certifications." Jake was thoroughly delightful to work with, and was extremely observant and astute. He had a phenomenal capacity to translate what he experienced into convincing action. Blind people don't generally feel faces, but this major plot detail had been worked too deeply into the script concept to be changed.
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