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"remember, don't think limits--think possibilities!" - Blind Children's Resource Center

Humoody Learns to See Again

Australian Broadcast Network - Autumn, 2015

Show-cases 12-year-old Humoody's story, and how Daniel and Brian are teaching him to see his world in a different way.

Sonic Magic

CBC: The Nature of Things with David Suzuki - Autumn, 2015

Daniel Kish is featured explaining and demonstrating our work with FlashSonar, and it's implications for modern science.

‘We All Face the Dark Unknown’

SUCCESS Magazine - August, 2015
Shelley Levitt

"How Daniel Kish, who’s been sightless since he was 13 months old, taught himself to see through the blindness—to find vision in the echoes"
Daniel Kish and Brian Bushway illustrate the process of learning to see with sound for Success Magazine.

Readers Digest Articles

Various articles about our work.

A world of echoes: Canadian research into how the blind use sound to see

Global News - April 21, 2015
by Claude Adams

Discusses the use and brain scan study of FlashSonar with interviews of two echolocators. Includes two videos:

Daniel Kish, Extended Interview

Brian Borowski, echo study participant, and Prof. Mel Goodale

Mindshare LA: Puts Innovation and Research to a Test in Solving Modern Challenges

Second Sight

16X9 - April 18, 2015
By Mia Sheldon

Documentary of the use, teaching, and study of FlashSonar. Features Daniel Kish demonstrating and instructing at a Blind Beginnings workshop, and Prof. Mel Goodale and study participant Brian Borowski.

Coverage by the BBC

A wide range of articles and TV pieces show-casing our work.

Coverage by the Discovery Channel

A broad range of Pieces that show-case our work in various contexts.

Echolocation: Seeing With Sound

SBS2Australia: The Feed - March 12, 2015
by Lanneke Hargreaves

A thoughtful, warm, and pleasant documentary of FlashSonar training and the philosophies of freedom behind it, with focus on workshops delivered in Baltimore Maryland by Daniel Kish at the Industries for the Blind, and Queensland Australia at family camp directed by Julee-anne Bell, with Penny Stevenson as mobility instructor. Includes some lovely interviews with adults and children.

Meet the eyeless man who says he can see (and is probably right)

The Washington Post - January 26, 2015
By Rachel Feltman

"With both eyes lost to cancer when he was just a toddler, you'd expect Daniel Kish to be as blind as a person can get. He's become famous for using a sort of human echolocation to find his way around, but there's more to it than that: According to Kish, his fellow echo-locators, and the scans of their brains, they're actually seeing." Includes video and audio.

NPR Coverage:

A variety of radio documentaries and interviews about our approach, including All Things Considered, Morning Addition, This American Life, and Invisibilia, among other programs.

Superhuman: a Real Life Bat Man

KTLA Morning News - November, 2014
by Leila Shalhoub

Covers Daniel Kish's use of FlashSonar to visualize and sketch unfamiliar scenes, with observations and interviews conducted by well known Dr. Jandial.

"Daniel Kish is a Long Beach native who was born with retinoblastoma and had both eyes removed as a baby. But Daniel has learned how to do ordinary and amazing things using flash sonar…a type of echolocation. And Daniel now teaches people of all ages all over the world."

1. How A Blind Man Sees With Sound

Buzz Feed, Youtube Blue Channel - December, 2014
by Kate Reynolds

A light-harted but penetrating exposé of how we use and teach FlashSonar, including Juan Ruiz, one of our Perceptual Navigation instructors, working with a young man from México who is very new to traveling on his own.

The blind leading the blind – an eye opening experience

Orange County Register - August, 2010
By SUKI REED - president, OC Hiking Club

A touching and informative commentary on one of our hikes with the O C Hiking Club, where our blind instructors taught many of their sighted members how to hike blind.

Soccer no obstacle to blind children: A new perspective on the world's game

Orange County Register - July, 2010

An engaging exposé on our soccer clinic for blind youth, held in conjunction with the Major League Soccer team Chivas USA - just one example of our TeamBat recreational program.

FlashSonar: Surprising Solutions You Never Knew About; Brian Bushway

CBS: The Doctors - August 28, 2009

" After losing his sight at age 14, Brian learned to use echo location to navigate the world. The same principles apply to that of the sonar bats and dolphins use."

Mountain Bike Action Magazine

2001, 2009, 2011
by John Ker

Articles about our mountain bike TeamBat exploits.

Blind as a Bat: Seeing without eyesight

HDNet World Report - July, 2011 ©
by Jennifer London and Philip Maravilla

This is a penetrating report of how FlashSonar works, and how it complements and expands upon other perceptual mobility skills. Delves into the day to day operations of World Access for the Blind, as well as the daily lives of Daniel Kish and Juan Ruiz. Reports on how daniel grew to be who he is. Particularly focuses on Daniel's hike and overnight camping trip alone, and how he does it. Also showcases the process of self directed discovery through unknown places. Includes in depth interview.
"Daniel Kish is blind, but he can ride a bike and hike in the woods without a guide. He can describe his surroundings in precise detail. He’s an extraordinary man, and wants to share his gift with others who lack sight. Why aren’t organizations advocating for the blind more supportive?" Find out more about Daniel Kish and Juan Ruiz. Philip Maravilla is a renowned producer who also produced "Blind Hikers Scale the Andes" for ABC Nightline about Erik Weihenmayer's leadership of an expedition of blind and sighted teenagers up Machu Picchu, which showcases the admirable achievements possible for blind people through strategic and mutual engagement of sighted support. View this at our "Resources Center".

Featured in National Geographic

A collection of articles and documentaries about our work, featured in National Geographic Magazine, TV, and Radio.

The remarkable 'bat man'

Today Tonight TV 7 Australia - December, 2013
Adam Marshall ,

"Daniel Kish has been blind since birth but uses a constant clicking sound to picture his surroundings. ... Now he has developed it into an amazing world first training technique to help others like him. … Daniel gave Today Tonight an amazing demonstration: riding his bike unassisted for 30 minutes before sketching out an unfamiliar area we took him to, reproducing it [by sketching it on paper] almost entirely accurately. … he calls it his flash sonar and describes it as ‘a bat-like sense’. It is a form of echolocation. He effectively sees with his ears and that is why he has been labelled as ‘bat man’." The Today Tonight Web Article is Here.

The Human Eclipse - Short Edit

The Weather Channel: Freaks of Nature - January, 2014
Off the Fence Productions

J Steele-Louchart, one of our Perceptual Navigation coaches, is show-cased explaining how FlashSonar provides visual images to a totally blind person, and demonstrates by using his own FlashSonar to navigate a mile long obstacle course through the snow covered forests of Colorado. View the full length documentary (S01E09) here.

Echolocation: Daniel Kish

Out of Their Minds - August, 2011
CBC Radio, Richard Syrett

A light hearted documentary about Daniel's life and work, and about the brain science behind FlashSonar.

CNN Coverage

CNN pieces show-casing our work, including CNN International and Sanjay Gupta.

Seeing With Sound

STEM Story Project, PRX Radio - Spring, 2013
Meg Cramer

Austin Seraphin's article about his experiences interviewing for this piece, with a link to the piece: "This story explores the ways that blind people can use echolocation to navigate space and look at what's aorund them, and the neurological connections between visual and spatial perception." Austin, one of our students who was interviewed and demonstrated for the piece, says, "Lore [Thaler] says it doesn't give the experience of sight and that she doesn't see visual forms. I would agree that it doesn't give the same experience, since we get snapshots and without color, but I most definitely see visual images. Meg also talked to Dr. Chris Baker who studies radar systems, and wants to use the insights gained through studying human echolocation to improve them."

Daring Vision of Daniel Kish who uses his ears to see

Inspire Minds to Change Lives - September 19, 2012
by A. Hari

A well crafted article from other media publications and videos.

This Blind Man Taught Himself to See! - Juan Ruiz

Excerpted from the Jeff Probst Show - March 15, 2013

An exposé of a day in the life of Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Instructor, plus part of his interview on the Jeff Probst Show.

Bat Man

Ripley's Believe It or Not! ® -August, 2000

Daniel Kish, Juan Ruiz, and Brian Bushway are featured doing all kinds of "Believe It or Not" things, while Brian and Juan were still Daniel's students, not yet out of high school. Provides some informative perspective on how human echolocation works. Includes some mountain bike footage taken by Jaymes Squires, one of our young visually impaired students acting as videographer - Believe It or Not. "Dan Kish lost his eyesight at the age of one. But, using a technique called echo location he developed after studying bats, Dan likes to go bicycling through the busy city streets--even though he is completely blind. Believe it or not!"

Schoolgirl left blind after surgeon fails to spot brain tumour - May, 2011

A tragic yet hopeful article about one of our students whom we first saw in 2007, for whom we recently provided expert evidence in support of her case against the medical facility that mis-diagnosed her. We wish her all the best.

Interests in India

A collection of news articles and videos of our work in India. Features a video called "Children Need Love" which beautifully showcases our impact on students from the Divine Fellowship school for the Blind. Also contains articles that highlight our Perceptual Mobility approach in action.

Opening Our Eyes to Different Kinds of Sight

Miller-McCune - August, 2008
By Frank Nelson

A review of Jason Robert's book, A Sense of the World: How a blind man became history's greatest traveler, and its tribute to the work of Daniel Kish and World Access for the Blind . "A recent best-selling book has forged an unlikely link between a man born in England more than 200 years ago and the groundbreaking work being done today by California-based World Access for the Blind. ... Toward the end of his book, Roberts pays tribute to the work of Daniel Kish, ... Roberts refers to Kish as Holman's 'spiritual successor.'" The final chapter is called "Raise the Soul to Flame."

Getting past barriers

Huntington Beach Independent - July, 2009
By Chris Epting

Warmly and thoughtfully written about our work, and the growth of our approach.

FlashSonar Challenged

Derren Brown Show - September, 2009

Mentalist Magician Derren Brown investigates Daniel Kish's ability to "see" with sound.

The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See

Men's Journal - March, 2011
By Michael Finkel

About Daniel Kish and his work through World Access for the Blind to help blind people to find sound vision. Listed among the Best of Men's Journal and voted 6th of the 20 best reads of 2011 by Reader's Digest. "Daniel Kish has been sightless since he was a year old. Yet he can mountain bike. And navigate the wilderness alone. And recognize a building as far away as 1,000 feet. How? The same way bats can see in the dark."

Guinness World Records: Juan Ruiz

TV Italy - April, 2011

Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Instructor, is invited by Guinness to set a world record for blind bicycling through a random obstacle course using only FlashSonar. In so doing, Juan gave a stirring speech that made the live audience cry. "I still don't understand the significance of a world record, but I do understand the significance of my speech."
Includes a fascinating written account of the Guinness experience by Juan and Justin Louchart, who was present at the time. Juan and colleagues also provided a FlashSonar workshop to Italian professors, and worked with a family during this time.

Blind taught to ‘see’ like a bat

the Sunday Time, United Kingdom - February, 2008
by Mark Macaskill

A somewhat over zealous but informative article about the benefits of our work with Visibility Scotland. Includes an evaluation of our work by internationally Renowned neural ophthalmologist Prof, Gordon Dutton.

Our Instructional Approach in Action

Inspiring and intriguing publications and videos that illustrate how our approach works with students.

Reports from Students, Families, and Friends about Learning to See

Our most inspiring stories come from our students themselves. Here are just a few of our students and their accomplishments.

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